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The Solid-but-Spiritless Success of Spotlight

It’s hard to say how much knowing what happens in a story affects our enjoyment of it. We live in the age of the spoilerphobe, where nerds like me abandon social media in the days leading up to a major release for fear of having significant plot points or major twists revealed too soon. But in Shakespeare’s day, everyone more or less knew the ending ahead of time, and the lack of novelty didn’t lessen the draw. That’s a reminder that what the story is need not, and arguably should not, overshadow how the story is told.

Which is to say, I’m not sure how much the greater effect of Spotlight was lost on me given that I already knew a decent amount about the molestation scandal within the Catholic Church that played out in the newspapers and on our television screens for years after the time depicted in the film. The movie is, if not exactly a mystery, then certainly a story of the intrepid reporters of the Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” team starting a small investigation and slowly but surely uncovering how widespread a pathology there was.


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5 Reasons I’d Rather Read My News Online Than in Print

Newspapers are not dead or dying. They just have a new home. The digital age allows journalists to disseminate up-to-the-minute information faster, and in more ways, than was even conceivable as little as a quarter century to go. This transition will certainly require some adjustments, but in the end, “newspapers” will keep the name, ditch the paper, and thrive as your online sources for news and information. Here are five reasons that reading that news on your computer is better than doing it the old fashioned way (more…)

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